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About HSJAA & High School Fishing

One of the fastest growing youth related movements across the country are High School fishing clubs!

The Hook Spit Junior Angler Association, is leading the way to develop High School Fishing Clubs on The Gulf Coast for clubs to compete in Saltwater Tournaments for scholarship money!

So what is HSJAA? The Hook Spit Junior Angler Association (HSJAA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed to promote health and education through the sport of fishing. HSJAA is dedicated to providing student anglers of all ages the opportunity to compete competitively for not only saltwater species but bass fishing as well! HSJAA also provides fishing camps, seminars, and family fishing events throughout the year as well. Our mission is to get the youth of our country off the couch and video game consoles, and introduce them to the sport of fishing and what the great outdoors has to offer!

Why join the HSJAA? The HSJAA comprised of a network of professional fishermen from the entire Texas Gulf Coast. We are driven to produce a series of tournaments for student anglers to compete for high level scholarship funds and learning the sport of fishing from every angle!

What’s the cost? FREE! HSJAA is no longer built around a membership. All tournaments and events are open to the public and subject to their individual entry fees.

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